Knotwords, the Smart Word Puzzle Game, Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Sometimes it can feel like the word game genre is in a bit of a rut. And then a game like Knotwords comes out and makes you think that, actually, maybe the genre is one of the most innovative in the gaming world.

While it has the feel of a crossword to it, there’s loads more going on here. There are shades of Sudoku and plenty of other paper puzzle-page staples here. And they come together to create something that’s almost guaranteed to get you hooked.

There are definite shades of the smash-hit Wordle here, but Knotwords is deeper and more entertaining, throwing a good dose of logic into the mix to create something really unique. Hey, shall we watch a trailer?

You’re filling in a gridded board with letters, but the game splits the board up further, and tells you the letters you need to place there. You need to figure out the correct place for each letter to complete the puzzle and move on to the next.

You get a good dollop of content for free, and there’s a subscription or one-off payment model if you want even more. You can click here to download Knotwords from the App Store right this very second. And we think you definitely should.