Kumobius Giving Away ‘Bean’s Quest’ Free Today to Celebrate the Release of ‘Time Surfer’!

beans-quest-logo-940x352Kumobius’ latest game Time Surfer landed on the App Store today, and to celebrate the indie studio have teamed up with the Free App Alliance to run a free promotion on their previous hit, retro-style platformer Bean’s Quest (App Store link).

We thoroughly enjoyed Bean’s Quest when we gave the game a whirl last year, and rated it a stonking 4.5/5 stars; here’s a lil’ snippet from our full review: “The retro platformer remastered…This final edition of Bean’s Quest more than earns its moderate price tag with pitch perfect level design, a meaty adventure, and a quirky twist on a well-worn genre.” In other words, this is an abso-flippin-lutely unmissable freebie!

I guess this is also a good an excuse as any to re-post a link to our chin-wag with the amazingly talented folks behind Bean’s Quest and Time Surfer, eh? Here we go: Interview With Kumobius.