Lab Rats Studio Release a Free Version of M.U.S.E. and Tease a Major New Content Update

I must say I’m mightily impressed by the sheer amount of post-launch love Lab Rats Studio and Ayopa Games are lavishing on their Unity-powered third-person shooter, M.U.S.E.. Hot on the heels of January’s update  — which addressed quite a few of the problems we originally had with the game  — comes an all-new free version of the game plus the promise of a major content update in the very near future.

Lab Rats Studios’ Rion Holland talks us through the thinking behind releasing a ‘lite’ version of M.U.S.E. and what we can expect from this iteration:

“Our intentions are to get M.U.S.E. in front of as many customers for FREE so they can experience the game without having to dish out a premium price without having played the game. Similar to BulkyPix/Everplay/FireFruitForge’s strategy of releasing a free Terra Noctis to help drive awareness to their game, we have decided to release a “lite” version that is essentially a free demo of the first couple of levels of M.U.S.E..

The ‘lite’ version plays the same as the full game, but we have given the player a few perks with upgrades that will make the ‘lite’ version that much more enjoyable and give players a taste of what their character will play like with upgrades unlocked further into the game.”

Which all sounds like a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

If you’ve been on the fence about dropping $5.99 on the full version of M.U.S.E., then be sure to swing by the App Store and pick up your free sample today. Oh, and if you’re already a fan of the game, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear Lab Rats also have a massive content update in the pipeline that will add new levels, a new enemy, and new boss fights into the mix.  No word on when that’s due to hit as of yet, but rest assured we’ll keep you posted.