Lab Rats Studio Reveal Brand New M.U.S.E. Gameplay Footage!

Lest we forget Madfinger’s Shadowgun isn’t the only incredible looking Unity3D-powered third-person shooter gearing up to take the App Store by storm, Lab Rats Studio have just unveiled an incendiary new gameplay trailer for M.U.S.E..

M.U.S.E. is a third-person 3D shooter that features a strong single player story mode with high octane cover shooting, immersive comic book style cut-scenes, destructible environment objects, and an arcade style scoring system that means players can compete with their friends in Game Center leaderboards.

You play as Sid Tripp, a government agent working for M.U.S.E. to hunt down and eradicate the maniacal and technologically advanced nemesis “The Brain.” The nemesis has been building an army of robotic enhanced soldiers to carry out his plan of chaos and world domination.

We’re hoping to spend some hands-on time with M.U.S.E. ahead of its release later this year, but in the meantime be sure to keep your eyes on the game’s official site for more news.