‘Lara Croft GO’ Gets a Price Drop to Celebrate the Release of ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’


I’ll keep this brief because the sale I’m reporting on is due to end any time now! (Actually fingers crossed it isn’t over by the time I hit publish on this post.) 

Here’s the deal, folks: Rise of the Tomb Raider releases for Xbox today, and to celebrate, Square Enix has dropped the price of Lara Croft GO from $4.99 to $1.99 for a very limited time. How limited? 24-hours only — and the sale started yesterday, so there really isn’t long left on the clock.

I could spill a lot of ink over how great Lara Croft GO is, but suffice to say it’s a big leap forward from its predecessor, the also excellent Hitman GO, and probably the best Tomb Raider game currently available on iOS. Oh, and it’s also a complete and utter bargain at $1.99.

Download Lara Croft GO from the App Store.