Last Shelter: Survival and AMC’s The Walking Dead Have Joined Forces for 3 Weeks

Last Shelter: Survival, the acclaimed mobile survival SLG from Long Tech Network, has just launched a collaboration with The Walking Dead, AMC’s global hit TV show. 

Starting today and ending in three weeks, the time-limited event adds The Walking Dead fan-favorites Maggie and Daryl to the Last Shelter: Wasteland universe and lets them fight alongside the Commander as they push back the human and zombie threat. 

Iconic locations from the series are making an appearance too. There are base skins for the Greene Family Farm, the prison, and the Alexandria Safe-Zone. It’s like visiting the set of your favorite show. 

Just like in the base game, the event sees you playing as the Commander. It’s your job to keep your stronghold safe and your people alive by completing a number of tasks alongside Daryl and Maggie. 

These tasks include Collect Clues, which involves visiting the survivor camps that are peppered throughout the wasteland, searching them for clues on how to find Daryl, and rescuing their beleaguered residents. 

Unlock the Mystery, meanwhile, sees you completing quests to collect stickers, and using them to light up the collection board. 

Last up there’s Drive & Survive, a sort of zombie derby that involves getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and crushing undead pedestrians in exchange for rewards. 

There are a few community events on the go, too. You can already find emotes for Daryl and Maggie in the game, as well as animated versions in the Last Shelter: Survival Discord server. 

Plus, members of the official Last Shelter: Survival community are invited to design their own emotes, with the most ‘liked’ example possibly showing up in the game. There’s a cosplay event on the cards, too. 

For the uninitiated, Last Shelter: Survival is a hugely popular zombie-themed free-to-play mobile SLG with more than 200 million downloads under its belt. 

You can download it right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store

To stay up-to-date with The Walking Dead event and others in the future, join the official Last Shelter: Survival community

But here’s a little nugget of intel for you right now: there are two The Walking Dead spinoff series in the pipeline. The Walking Dead, featuring Maggie and Negan, is due to arrive this June, followed by The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon later in 2023.