All the Latest ‘Sonic Dash’ News, plus a Trailer for Sonic’s Upcoming TV Show, ‘Sonic Boom’!


You might remember that is was mentioned — when last we discussed Sonic Dash — how hackers had already discovered character models for “Rouge the Bat” and “Cream the Bunny”, hinting at the direction of future community challenges. Well, it seems that they were certainly dead on the money as SEGA — in order to belatedly celebrate Valentine’s Day — has just kicked off an all new community challenge to unlock Rouge. As some of you might already know, Rouge — the self proclaimed treasure huntress, and sometimes part-time government agent — first appeared in the Dark Side plot of Sonic Adventure 2.

The goal for this particular challenge is for everyone to earn as many points as possible, again striving to complete a series of global and individual goals, all in order to receive free access to Rouge the Bat. This time around — unlike the previous score based “Blaze the Cat” challenge — there is no upper cap on how much contribution you can earn in a single run, meaning that now is truly the time to use any boosters you’ve been saving up. However — be sure that you don’t dally — for the contest has been set to conclude on March 2nd, after which the only means of obtaining Rouge will be either by Red Rings or the Daily Challenges.

Sonic_&_All-Stars_Racing_Transformed_-_Doctor_EggmanYet be careful, for freshly joined to harass players along the way — as he simply couldn’t permit “Zazz” to have all the fun — is the iconic antagonist of the entire Sonic series: “Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik“. Now players will — at random intervals — run into Dr. Eggman galavanting about in his famous “Egg Mobile”, with which he will unleash a barrage of missiles and landmines towards your speeding hero of choice. However, fans of “Zazz” should not despair as the purple man with attitude issues — forever proclaiming that he will ‘beat you like a drum’ — is still hanging around Sonic Dash’s terrain as well.

In still other news, the first promotional footage for SEGA and Genao Production’s upcoming 3D animated Sonic TV series — Sonic Boom — has also recently been released to the public. I must admit that — outside of some odd design choices, the oddest of which isn’t seen in this promotional reel at all — the series does appear to be shaping up quite nicely, and you might be wise to check it out when it launches this fall. Speaking of which, there will also be an entire Sonic Boom videogame — as well as an accompanying toy line — releasing alongside the TV series when it finally arrives on Cartoon Network.

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