Layers of Fear Has Arrived on iOS Right in Time For Halloween

If you were looking for something spooky to play this Halloween season, you’re in luck. Bloober Team has brought the scary Layers of Fear to an iOS device near you.

Layers of Fear is like a psychological walking simulator. You play as an artist working on his latest masterpiece. You’ll explore his creepy mansion home between swishes of the paint brush.

Layers of Fear Will Fill You With Terror, Where Every Turn of the Camera Can Scare the Life Out of You

Your artist protagonist just so happens to be a raging alcoholic too, which might explain some of the weird stuff that happens throughout the adventure.

Layers of Fear chooses to creep you out in two different ways. The first is the fact that the layout of each room changes the moment you move your eyes. Glance behind you and you might find the doorway you just entered through has disappeared.

It also doesn’t help that creepy monsters and ghosts can sneak up on you at all times. The two combine to make you absolutely terrified to move your eyes at any point, even though that’s crucial for progression.

So go ahead and grab Layers of Fear in the App Store right now. It’s well worth it for fans of horror games and walking simulators alike.