League of Legends: Wild Rift out now in America

While it’s been out in various other territories for a bit now, League of Legends: Wild Rift has finally landed on the App Store in the US. Which means you can get your hands on one of the very best MOBAs in the world in gorgeous mobile form.

This isn’t a squidged down version of the home game, it’s been built from the ground up for mobile. So there are twists and tweaks that are going to make it way more palatable for portable players. Jeez there was a lot of alliteration in that sentence.

You can still expect the same 5v5 format, with towers to take down, Champions to battle with and loads more. None of the complexity of the game has been sacrificed, which LoL fans are going to be super happy about.

There are loads of different Champions to pick from, and as you might imagine the game already has a pretty massive player base. You’re not going to be sitting around, twiddling your thumbs waiting for a game. There are some detailed tutorials to work your way through as well.

If you’ve been pulling your hair out waiting for League of Legends: Wild Rift to land in the US, well your wait is over. Click here and you can grab the game from the App Store right this second. It won’t cost you anything to download, and it’s pretty darn awesome.