Feature image for our Legacy Piece Best Race guide which shows my avatar cosplaying Zoro with his arms held in a ready to punch stance. Behind him is the blue sky and an assortment of buildings lining the beach

Legacy Piece Best Race Guide – Ranked With Reason!

Hoping for a spin to win? Well, with little in-game information on the races you might need my Legacy Piece Best Race Guide, which tells you the best race to be in the game with reasons.

Check out Legacy Piece over on Roblox. I also made a Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List and Legacy Piece Race Tier List.

Legacy Piece Best Race – Sulong Mink

The best obtainable race is Oni. But, have you ever heard of the secret race, Sulong Mink? This race is superior to the rest making it the true ‘Best’ in Legacy Piece. However, being unobtainable does bring into question whether the Sulong Mink race deserves the best title.

Sulong Minks are exclusive to DEVs and Testers. So a very slim percentage of players will stunt this race. It is unknown if it’ll ever be added to the main roster and what that percentage chance will ever look like. What we do know is the perks of being a Sulong Mink:

  • x2 Stamina
  • x2 Health
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Electro and Fist Damage (and they stack!)
  • Obtains Electro fighting style
  • Isn’t slowed when at low health

Best Obtainable Race – Oni

Well, it’s not exclusive but it’s still the best race by far in Legacy Piece thanks to its generous buffs. The Oni is a race which enjoys a slim 2% roll rate. What’s more, this is the only race in the entire roster that has a debuff alongside race buffs. That said, it’s still the absolute best option. So, what’s it got in store?

  • 2x Health Points
  • 2x Ability Damage
  • 2x Combat Damage
  • Slower movement speed
  • Horns cosmetic atop the player’s head

The drawback is a small payoff for being twice the strength and tank of players of the same level. Such good perks come with the territory of being the solo highest rarity race.