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Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List

Chow down on this Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List which tells you the best fruits in the game from the worst. If you want to become the strongest pirate (or marine… I guess), then this tier list is key to your success!

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Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List

Fruits aren’t the only combat option in Legacy Piece, but they are certainly the most sought-after for their high rarity values and unique power. Devil Fruits essentially offer the user a superpower in return for no longer being able to swim. A small price to pay considering you can boat from island to island! Anyway, onto the rankings!


OP! These devil fruits are the absolute best of the best that Legacy Piece has to offer.

  • Mera (Flame) – Legendary fruit (1%)
  • Paw – Legendary fruit (1%)


They may not be delicious, but they sure are strong! Fruits in our A-Tier aren’t the best the game offers, but they’re still formidable. You could comfortably play the game whilst maining one of these fruits long-term.

  • Hie (Ice) – Legendary fruit (1%)
  • Wax – Rare fruit (20%)
  • Diamond – Rare fruit (20%)


If utilized well these fruits are pretty decent! Though, you’ll likely find that they’re just average.

  • Bomb – Rare fruit (20%)
  • Weapon – Rare fruit (20%)
  • Chop – Common fruit (75%)


Weaker fruits with some niche uses. I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, at least they’re not D-Tier fruits. They’re better than nothing.

  • Spin – Common fruit (75%)


These fruits are rotten bad. More of a hindrance than help.

  • There are currently no D-Tier fruits! At least all your options are better than the worst.