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Legacy Piece Map Guide – All Islands, Bosses and Level Requirements!

Channel your inner Nami with my Legacy Piece Map Guide which tells you about every island in the First Sea including the bosses which reside here, and the levels of each island. Bookmark this page and check back for updates that add new islands for you to explore!

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Legacy Piece Map Guide

Legacy Piece encourages you to explore each island you traverse, using level requirements to ensure you don’t get ahead of yourself and end up somewhere out of your depth. Use this guide when travelling to new islands to make sure you’re prepared to move on. If you’re below the level requirement, complete some Main Quests or Side Quests appointed by numerous NPCs across all islands.

First Sea

Fusha Island – Level 1-15

  • Higuma Bandit Boss: 285 HP
  • Drops: Higuma Katana (Weapon) 35% drop chance

Alvida Island – Level 15-25

  • Alvida The Iron Mace Boss: 480 HP
  • Drops: Alvida Hat (Accessories) 15% drop chance, Iron Mace (Weapon) 10% drop chance

Shells Town – Level 25-40

  • Axe Hand Morgan Boss: 550 HP
  • Drops: Metal Jaw (Accessories) 10% drop chance, Axe Hand (Weapon) 5% drop chance

Shimotsuki Island – Level 40-50

  • Yeti Boss: 850 HP
  • Drops: Frost Coat (Accessories) 9% drop chance, Frost Blade (Weapons) 3% drop chance

Haki Island – Level 45+

  • Haki Trainer – Can learn Haki for 2.5k Beli after completing a small quest

Orange Town – Level 50-65

  • Buggy The Clown Boss: 685 HP
  • Drops: Buggy Hat (Accessories) 10% drop chance, Buggy Cape (Accessories) 7% drop chance, Buggy Knives (Weapon) 4% drop chance

Baratie – Level 65-80

  • Don Krieg Boss: 750 HP
  • Drops: Daisenso (Weapon) 2% drop chance

Mink Island – Level 80-95

  • Wolfam Boss: 550 HP
  • Drops: Unknown right now!

Arlong Park – Level 95-99

  • Saw Shark Arlong Boss: 850 HP
  • Drops: Kiribachi (Weapon) 1% drop chance

Second Sea

Information TBA once the Second Sea update releases!