Feature image for our Legacy Piece Mink Guide which shows teo brown horses with dark black hair and tail stood beside a tan hay bale bearing teeth as they neigh happily before the food

Legacy Piece Mink Guide

This Legacy Piece Mink Guide tells you all about their fuzzy faction including rarity, perks, cosmetics and more. What’s more, in this guide I will tell you about the secret Mink race known as the Sulong Minks and what their deal is.

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Legacy Piece Mink Guide

Minks aren’t the rarest race you can roll for using the Race Spinner, but they still offer decent perks. With a slim 5% roll chance, you can join the Mink race and enjoy increased movement speed, increased stamina and the electro-fighting style. You can recognise a Mink user by their animal-esque tail and ears.

The Electro style is a Mink speciality, giving the user access to a shocking moveset (get it?). Whilst Minks already have this talent, other players wanting this power will need to head to Mink Island (level 80-95) and pay the Lizzy NPC 1k Beli.

Electro is a fighting style which offers a variety of hand-to-hand combat moves infused with electricity. Not to be confused with the Lightning (Goro) fruit users.

Sulong Mink – The Secret Race

Now, what about the Sulong Minks? These elite variants of the Minks happen to be the rarest race within Legacy Piece. Only available to DEVs and Testers, the Sulong Mink users visually appear nearly identical to regular Mink users, however, enjoy plenty more perks.

Sulong Mink users are granted the following perks:

  • Increased Stamina (same as regular Mink)
  • Increased Speed (same as regular Mink)
  • Increased Health
  • Increased Electro DMG
  • Increased Fist DMG
  • Electro Fighting style (same as regular Mink)
  • Doesn’t suffer reduced speed at low health