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Legacy Piece Race Tier List – Ranked With Reasons!

Legacy Piece is here! And, I have pieced together this Legacy Piece Race Tier List that ranks all the potential species you can roll within the game.

Check out Legacy Piece over on Roblox. For more tiers check out my Bladers Rebirth Traits Tier List and my Type Soul Skill Tree Tier List.

Legacy Piece Race Tier List (April 2024)

Races can be assigned via the customise section of the game where you can spin for them. Upon joining the game you enjoy 3 free rolls! I hope you’re feeling lucky because otherwise, you’ll have to input some Robux into the game for a race redo. Races offer a variety of perks to those within its ranks, amongst some fun cosmetics. Let’s get into it!


OP! The very best races to be within the faction of.

  • Oni – 2x HP, Combat and Ability DMG however you move slower


Good, just not the best. You could still comfortably play and be happy as a part of these race factions.

  • Fishman – Increased swim speed and breath duration. Also enjoys increased fist DMG.
  • Human – Despite being the default this A-Tier race offers increased Mastery EXP and Normal EXP alongside an increased health regen.


Average races. The perks tend to take a nose dive here, but they still offer some niche benefits.

  • Mink – Increased Stamina and Speed as well as access to the Electro fighting style.


Weaker races, those in this category offer fewer perks than most.

  • Skypiean – Increased stamina and jump height


The worst of all with little to no perks to benefit your gameplay.

  • There are no races in the D-Tier right now!

Full Races List

This full races list shows every race within the game regardless of whether it’s in my rankings or not. This is so you have a full masterlist, even without some being formatted into the ranks. Races excluded from the tier will be added over time when I know where I’d like to format them based on skill and benefits. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon for when every race is ranked!

  • Human
  • Fishman
  • Skypiean
  • Mink
  • Oni
  • Sulong Mink