Feature image for our Legacy Piece Races Guide shows a green haired avatar inspired by Zoro stood on a ship with a ship sailor leaning on the wooden banister at the ships edge to overlook the local island

Legacy Piece Races Guide – Stats, Debuffs, Rarity and More!

This Legacy Piece Races Guide introduces you to the full roster of races including their roll rarity, buffs, debuffs, cosmetics and more! This guide also tells you about a secret race that a small percentage of players have access to… Keep reading to find out more!

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Legacy Piece Races Guide

Races aren’t the core part of your Legacy Piece playthrough, and truthfully you can enjoy the game regardless of race. However, getting to know your options will surely help you decide which race to roll for depending on the benefits you wish to enjoy.

To roll for your race, head to the Customize tab from the launch screen, in the bottom right corner is a Spin Menu button where you can perform race rerolls. Good luck! You only have 3 free rolls on launch, after that you’ll need to obtain rerolls through codes or Robux purchases.

Meet The Races

Enough yap, let’s get into it!

Human – 65% Roll Rate

The default. This race is as you’d expect, with no cosmetic or notable features. However, despite being a default, that isn’t to say that Humans enjoy no perks!

  • Increased Mastery EXP
  • Increased Regular EXP
  • Increased Health Regen Speed

Skypiean – 18% Roll Rate

Residents of Skypiea have large white wings on their backs, however, these wings don’t support them in flight. Despite mostly being cosmetic, the wings do help with the race buffs.

  • Increased Jump Height
  • Increased Stamina

Fishman – 10% Roll Rate

In canon, Fishmen enjoy twice the strength of your average human and can survive indefinitely in and out of the water. In Legacy Piece, Fishmen players are recognised for their back fin and the following buffs:

  • Increased Swim Speed
  • Increased Breath Duration when in water
  • Increased Fist Damage

Mink – 5% Roll Rate

The closest thing you’ll get to a furry to put it simply. Minks are recognised for their tails (and sometimes animal ears), and the following buffs:

  • Electro Fighting Style
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Stamina

Oni – 2% Roll Rate

The rarest of the obtainable auras and the only one which offers a debuff alongside its buffs. Oni users have horns adorning the tops of their skulls and can enjoy the following buffs (and debuff):

  • x2 Health Points
  • x2 Combat Damage
  • x2 Ability Damage
  • Slower Movement Speed

Sulong Mink – Unobtainable

And finally the secret race! Sulong Minks were once available to just DEVs and Testers so they’re quite the rarity. Sulong Minks look similar to regular Minks, however, enjoy way more benefits:

  • Electro Fighting Style
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Health
  • Increased Electro and Fist Fighting Style Damage (Both style damage stacks)
  • Isn’t slowed when at low health