Legend of Mana, the Classic JRPG Remastered, Out Now on the App Store

Earlier this year Square Enix released Legend of Mana, a spruced up version of one of its classic JRPGs, for home consoles. And now it’s available on the App Store. So that’s nice, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The game has some really interesting twists – from a world map that you build yourself, to slick combat and a super engaging story. The remastered version features some additional content too, including a mini-game that’s never been available outside of Japan before.

You can also turn off enemy encounters if you want, and switch between the original soundtrack or the remastered version. Here’s a trailer.

The game joins Secret of Mana and the recently released Trials of Mana to make a nice triumvirate of classic and tweaked games in the series that are available on mobile.

And right now the game is on sale – buy it before December 21st and you can get it for a 20% discount. It’ll still set you back $21.99, but that’s to be expected from Square Enix. You can click here to grab the game from the App Store right this second.