The featured image for our Legend Of Slime guide, featuring a slime looking at a Human agressively. The Human is wearing a knight's armour, holding a sword and shield, yet they are still scared. Separating the slime and the Human is a "vs" sign, as well as a line drawn between them. The left of the screen is painted blue, whilst the right of the screen is painted yellow.

Legend Of Slime Guide (2023)

Wondering how to get a decent start in Legend of Slime? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a Legend Of Slime guide that will help you begin your journey in this fun Idle RPG.

Legend of Slime is a fun idle RPG where you’ll play as a slime trying to rid your forest of pesky Humans. You can learn more about the game by checking it out on the App Store and on Google Play.

Legend Of Slime Guide

Without further ado, we’ll dive straight into the guide at hand! We’ve split it up into a few different sections to make processing the guide easier for you.

An Offensive Build

A passive way of becoming better at Legend Of Slime is to create a build that’s fairly balanced. In particular, we’re talking about bumping up all of the offensive stats, such as the attack, critical hit damage, and critical hit chance. We also recommend that you try and max-out your attack speed as well, as it will give you a better chance of success.

At the end of this process, your stats should come together to create a well balanced build.

Know When To Play Defensively

While we do recommend an agressive build, there’s always a time and place for defense. The tricky part is knowing when this is, as it’s easy to miss.

Essentially, you want to prioritise defense when you’re fighting a boss, or any enemy for that matter, and they’ve got you on the ropes, you’re short in numbers, and short in health. It’s at this point you want to bump up your HP and HP recovery stats.

Spending Your Gems

Like in most Idle RPGs, summons play a significant role in the game. We recommend that you spend most of your gems summoning gear. When you constantly summon gear, you’ll be able to pull higher level items, allowing you to eventually move up a tier.

After prioritising gear summons, we recommend that you return for skill and then companion.

If you’re running low on gems, then there’s a way you can still summon without having to pay any actual money. While it’s not the most joyous method, watching ads will allow you to summon for free.

Enhancing Your Gear

After summoning a bunch of cool items, you’ll want to enhance as much gear as possible. Enhancing gear is a cheap and easy way for you to get more out of your items. It’s dead simple to do, too; just select “enhance all” in the weapons pop-up menu.


In Legend Of Slime, you have quite a few open skill slots. Skills can help you significantly in your ever-lasting battle against Humanity, so we recommend that you take full advantage over them.

There’s quite a variety of different skills in the game, but the ones to look out for are the ones that are high in damage. You’ll be able to see what each skill does before purchasing them by tapping on the card. Some decent skills that we recommend are the Bat Bombardior, the Detonative Slime, and the Goblin Troops.

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About The Game

Legend of Slime puts you in control of the Slime army, intent on wiping out Humanity. Show no mercy to the Humans as you seize their loot, and gather companions to help you in your quest. Skills and traits can be unlocked along the way to further your efforts, bringing you closer to total domination.