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Legend of Slime Levelling Guide – How To Level Up Your Slime

Not sure how to level up your slime in Legend of Slime? Not to worry, we’ve created a comprehensive Legend of Slime levelling guide to help you. Levelling up your slimes is actually a pretty easy task, but it takes a bit of grinding to get it done efficiently at first. Let’s go over the steps you need to take to get the important levelling resources!

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Legend of Slime Levelling Guide – How To Level Up Your Slime

Firstly, you need to grind some of the mining content. Once you reach 250m depth, you’ll start to see broken blue shards appearing. These shards are XP shards, and they’re super important! Remember to mine these shards every time you see one, as you’re going to need quite a lot of them when you obtain a selection of slimes. 

Once you’ve got an XP shard, or a few of them, head to the slime page, and press “Change Character”. You’ll then see all of the slimes that you own on one page. All you have to do is select which slime you want to level up and then press the “Enhance” button. This function will add experience points to your slime, which will help to level up your slime. With enough XP shards, you can level up once, or more! 

Level Up the Mastery Tree

Each time your slime levels up, you’ll also earn a Mastery Point. These Mastery Points can be used on the Mastery Tree. This tree is where you can spend Mastery Points to unlock upgrades for your slimes. If you want to focus on levelling up your slimes quickly, then you should unlock the XP upgrades as soon as possible.

About the Game

Legend of Slime is a fun little idle mobile game. Collect a wide variety of slimes as you battle against humans, and loot their goods! The grind never stops with infinite upgradability for each slime. The more efficiently you upgrade your slimes, the more powerful they will become! You can even collect companions such as a snail, or chicken. These companions will provide useful buffs when they accompany your slimes.

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