‘Legend of Zelda’-esque Adventure Game ‘Sword ‘N’ Board’ Achieves Kickstarter Success


There’s been many interesting iOS related Kickstarter projects going on lately, and that’s a great thing for iDevice users everywhere, but it also means that sometimes it can quickly become difficult to keep track of them all. One Kickstarter that we accidentally overlooked recently was Robert Busey’s Sword ‘N’ Board, which successfully funded at $8,585 – over it’s asking value of 7.5k – back on September 6th. The game promises to be a Legend of Zelda esque top-down adventure, starring Sidd – a kid in search of his missing video game collection – as he explores the imaginary dungeons of his backyard.

d39e477f708628533dba2ef7c3f7a7f7_largeKeeping with this imaginary world theme – claimed to include pillow fort dungeons and cardboard tree forests – most of Sidd’s gear will include things he’s managed to cobble together himself, such as a cardboard sword and shield. As the adventure goes on he will be able to mix and match the gear he finds to create various effects, such as using the ‘magical snow globe’ with the cardboard axe to create a rotating barrier of three hovering axes. The various effects you can get by combining objects, of which over fifty possible combinations have been promised, will form the very core of solving the puzzles found throughout Sword ‘N’ Boards’ many dungeons.

One of the project’s specific goals is to bring back the discover-it-yourself style of gameplay that isn’t often seen anymore, therefore Sword ‘N’ Board will have little in the way of hints as to how something should be solved. To that end there will be – much as there was in the original Legend of Zelda – tons of secrets items and hidden upgrades, all waiting to be discovered via thorough experimentation. Those who fondly remember walking about burning random bushes in Hyrule, hoping to find something special, should feel perfectly at home when the title’s expected launch arrives in August 2014.

Images via SomethingWickedArt.com & Kickstarter