Legendary RTS Company of Heroes Coming to iPhone Later in the Year

Company of Heroes is coming to iPhone. The game has been out on iPad for a couple of months, but today Feral Interactive has revealed that the palm-sized version of the game is on the way as well.

Set during World War 2, Company of Heroes is one of the most highly praised strategy games of recent years. It features squad-based tactics, massive historical battles and destructible scenery that can literally change the course of a fight.

The story starts at the D-Day landings and sees you leading American soldiers through 15 different missions. There are also downloadable skirmishes and missions that you can get for no extra cost.

The iPhone version of the game will cost the same as the iPad version – $13.99. You can expect to need a lot of space free on your phone to play it though. The iPad version needs 6GB, and we imagine the iPhone release will need similar.

If you’ve already got the iPad version you’ll be able to download and install the iPhone version at no extra cost. There’s no concrete release date for the game yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we get that information.