Legends of Kingdom Rush Coming to Apple Arcade This Week

The latest game in the Kingdom Rush series is coming out this week. It’s called Legends of Kingdom Rush, and it’s going to be exclusively available on Apple Arcade. But that’s fine, because you’re a sensible person who’s already signed up for Apple Arcade, right?

The game is set to be something of a departure from the other Kingdom Rush games. Instead of being a tower defense game with a hero-controlling twist, it’s a hex-based strategy game that sees you fighting it out in turn-based battles.

There are RPG and roguelike elements here, a bunch of different heroes to collect and build your team with and loads more. Obviously, being a Kingdom Rush game, it looks lovely. Check out the Legends of Kingdom Rush trailer below if you don’t believe us. As if you don’t believe us.

There are going to be some familiar faces in the game if you’re a fan of Kingdom Rush, and plenty of extra surprises too. For one thing there are narrative events that push the story along, and companions who’ll add their own firepower to your team.

If you’re excited enough to click some links, you can click here to pre-order Legends of Kingdom Rush right now. The game is set to launch on June 11th, which is Friday if you’re following the calendar where June 11th is on Friday.