Legends of Runeterra is Out Now for iPhone and iPad

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were telling you about Legends of Runeterra soft-launching in Singapore. Well now the game is out worldwide, and you can pick it up and give it a play yourself.

What is the game? Well, it’s set in the League of Legends universe and it’s a card game. You’re building up a deck of heroes, spells and soldiers and taking on all-comers. There are loads of different cards to collect and loads of different play-styles to experiment with.

This is the sort of experience that’s easy to get into, and gets even better the more work you put in. The battles have some cool ideas in them, involving blocking, attacking turns and more. Some cards can level up when you use them and others buff your team if you play them at the right time.

The game plays really well on mobile. You’re mainly just tapping and swiping to drop cards onto the battlefield. Matches aren’t super long either, so you can drop in and out if that’s how you like to play.

Fans of the Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering are definitely going to enjoy this one. So are League of Legends players. For the rest of us there’s a really solid and engaging multiplayer card game to explore.

Click here and you can download Legends of Runeterra from the App Store right now. It won’t cost you anything to give the game a go, and we reckon you’re going to love it.

Have you played Legends of Runeterra? Or are you looking forward to getting your hands on it? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below.