LEGO Tower Android

LEGO Tower, NimbleBit’s New Take on Tiny Tower, is Out Right Now on iOS

NimbleBit is back with a fresh new take on Tiny Tower, LEGO Tower. This challenges you to build the highest tower possible by placing floors, attracting residents, and hiring them to run your various attractions.

Soon enough, LEGO Minifigures from across the globe will visit your tower to participate in the various attractions on offer. They’ll spend lots of money there too, allowing you to purchase even more floors.

LEGO Tower is Basically a LEGO Version of Tiny Tower

Meanwhile, you’ll find a bunch of missions to complete to earn virtual currency, which you can spend on rare mini-figures and new vehicles, which open up new missions to complete.

You might even receive a visit from a rare Minifigure that will spend heaps of money in your tower, allowing you to progress faster than before.

So head on over to the App Store right now to grab LEGO Tower and get started on your own collection of Minifigures.