Featured Image for our news on Little Corner Tea House. It features the cafe manager with a few guests sitting at a coffee table.

It’s Time To Celebrate Christmas At The Little Corner Tea House!

Nearly three in five of us long for that chill life of owning a cosy café, brewing smiles with matcha lattes and tempting taste buds with warm chocolate croissants. Little Corner Tea House is such a game that makes your dream come true virtually. And now, they have a Cozy Christmas update that brings the holiday spirit to the game!

Longcheer has decked your virtual tea house with twinkling lights, mistletoe, and delicate snowflakes, all for Christmas. The game’s soundtrack jumps on the festive bandwagon, making sure you’re fully immersed in the holiday spirit.

Jingle All The Way!

The Cozy Christmas update throws in a dash of magic with the cutest animals ever. Playful pups? Check! Curious cats? Check! As the café manager, you’re not just serving drinks to people; you’re hosting these adorable creatures! Might even rename your Little Corner Tea House to Little Pet Café! Oh, and each pet has their own story and adds new excitement to the game.

Spruce up your Little Corner Tea House with a bevvy of festive goodies, or score some special rewards by just logging in during this jolly period. The update brings back the best of previous updates, including Space Travel, Rose Garden, Amusement Park, Sweet Bakery, Ancient Library and Rainy Day.

Visited The Little Corner Tea House?

Little Corner Tea House is a new style of story tycoon game and casual simulation game. It is adapted from a cute Korean healing webcomic ‘Corner Knitting Room.’ It’s free to play and offers in-app purchases.

So, you run this cosy tea house and interact with guests regularly. You can make interesting guesses about customers’ orders, make teas, plant seeds, and do other activities such as craft dolls and design coffee mugs. Sounds fun? Get the game from the App Store!

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