Little Labyrinths and FlipShip, two Fantastic Freebies from ByteSize Games!

Hot on the heels of ‘A Song of Slime and Fire,’ ByteSize Games are releasing a second major update to Little Labyrinths (our review) later today. To celebrate, this uber-generous indie studio have made both Little Labyrinths (App Store link) and their previous hit FlipShip (App Store link) free for a limited time only. Now, if that isn’t a flippin’ incredible deal, I don’t know what is!

ByteSize Chief Executive Officer Thomas Hoeg also filled us in on what existing fans can expect from the ‘Generation: Sketch‘ update:

“In ‘Generation: Sketch’ we wanted to bring more accessibility to Little Labyrinths for some of our biggest fans,” said Thomas Hoeg. “It just so happens that they are also some of our littlest.”

Generation: Sketch introduces a brand new mode to Little Labyrinths named “Kids Mode.”  Unlike other modes in Little Labyrinths, “Kids Mode” actually changes the size of the game’s environments, characters, and objectives, allowing littler hands the opportunity to complete simpler mazes in bigger hallways. And just like Mom and Dad, they will earn coins for each maze completion, which will be helpful in purchasing the brand new doodle and sketch-based items from the in-game store.

“The idea for ‘Kids Mode’ was really inspired by our own children as much as anything,” said Hoeg. “By the time we finished production on the game’s initial release in April, our children were regularly asking to play the ‘mouse and cheese’ game, but getting frustrated at the smallness of the pathways, especially on the iPhone. By making simpler mazes with larger pathways, we think a whole new audience will be able to experience and enjoy Little Labyrinths. And, even better, you definitely don’t have to be a kid to get something out of the mode, particularly on Apple’s smaller devices.”