Little Labyrinths’ First Free Update: “A Song of Slime and Fire” Arrives Today!

Little Labyrinths today received the first of many big updates ByteSize Games have in the pipeline for their cute and quirky maze-based puzzler. It goes by the name “A Song of Slime and Fire” (gotta love that witty Game of Thrones reference!) and comes packing a wealth of fresh content including new characters, a new objective and environment, new achievements, and numerous gameplay and control tweaks.

Judging by the press release we received during the week, the addition to Little Labyrinths ByteSize Chief Executive Thomas Hoeg is most excited about is the new ‘Torch Mode’, in which players guide their characters through darkened mazes using only the ever-shrinking light surrounding them.

“The interplay between darkness and light is the theme of this mode,” says Hoeg. “The player’s torch is constantly shrinking and so speed is warranted even though they may not be able to fully see where they are going. There is nothing like almost being out of light before stumbling on a much needed torch pick-up and racing to the finish line. This may be our most exciting mode yet, and it’s like a whole different game from what has come before.”

“This update is just the beginning,” Hoeg continues, “but it represents exactly what we want to do with Little Labyrinths. More characters, more objectives, more environments, more modes. All without any additional cost to our players. We want people to be excited to turn on their iPhones and see a new Little Labyrinths update, because every time they do they know they are getting great new content for absolutely nothing.”

Be sure to check out our glowing review of the game from back in April, and follow ByteSize Games on Twitter to stay in the loop with regard to new updates too!