Little Piggy Defense

Little Piggy Defense Is An Upcoming Kingdom Rush-Style Game

Little Piggy Defense is an upcoming tower defense strategy game by Game Duo that will hit iOS devices on January 5, 2024. Game Duo is known for games like Ninja Battle: Random Defense (Simulation) and Pixel Archers: Idle Defense. The new title is free to play and offers in-app purchases.

Protect The Piggy

The game plunges you into a forest with the last remaining piglet besieged by scary monsters. You have to safeguard cute little piggy using strategy, weapons and skills. It’s a classic tower defense game where you slap down towers strategically along the paths to stop hordes of enemies from barging into your area.

Each playthrough throws new challenges and surprises and keeps you on your toes. As you progress through the game, your character evolves and merges, becoming stronger and intimidating. The sense of achievement as the piglet grows stronger with each level is immensely satisfying. With its roguelike genre, Little Piggy Defense has elements of adventure and unpredictability which make it fun.

You can choose from a bunch of weapons such as wooden logs, pig snout traps and Piggycopters, a windmill-style copter that shoots multiple enemies at once. Keep upgrading your towers and defend your land from the waves of monsters. You can also play with other piggies to battle against the monsters. Team up with friends, enhance your skills and win the war.

Will You Be Trying It Out?

Little Piggy Defense offers different combinations of towers. Plus, there are a ton of unlockables and rewards, such as special skills, gears and thickets. If it sounds fun, then check out the game on the App Store and don’t forget to download it on the 5th.

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