Liv Games Release a Wicked New Trailer and Scary Good Screenshots For Monster Wars!

Liv Games’ eagerly anticipated sophomore effort, Monster Wars, a follow-up-cum-sidequel to the critically lauded Legendary Wars, is almost upon us!

After something of a false start last week when a buggy version of the game hit the App Store and then quickly got recalled, the crack team at Liv have ironed out the offending glitch, polished Monster Wars within an inch of its life, and set it marching towards a new release date — hold onto your helmets folks, it’s due to begin arriving in App Stores around the world later tonight! Oh, and get this, the game will go on sale for an absotively-posilutely unmissable 99¢.

Thanks to our buddies at Liv Games, you can feast your eyes on a batch of brand spanking new, as yet unseen screenshots of the game in action in the gallery below (simply click or tap on any of the thumbnails to enlarge-ify the images and view them in all their glory):

We heaped tons of praise on Legendary Wars in last Febuary’s in-depth review of the game, so suffice it to say we can’t wait to check out Monster Wars. We’ll most likely have a full review ready to go shortly after release, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, be sure to follow Liv Games on Twitter/Facebook and check out their official site for all the latest news on Legendary Wars, Monster Wars and other future projects.

Our heartiest thanks goes to Liv Games’ Orian Livnat for sending over the above pics and the new trailer.