Liv Games Set to Round Off Their Mega-Popular “Wars” Trilogy with ‘Stellar Wars’

598910_119709738207551_1678441504_nIt’s official: Liv Games’ phenomenally successful “Wars” series of iOS titles — which, of course, began with Legendary Wars (our review) and was followed by the equally acclaimed Monster Wars (our review) — is set to become a trilogy.

The third installment, entitled Stellar Wars, is already well into development, and Liv are currently busy cranking up the hype machine by revealing story and gameplay details to fans on Facebook and visiting this year’s Game Developers Conference with a pretty incredible-looking playable build of the game.

For starters, here’s a quick informational blurb from Legendary Wars’ Facebook fan-page that details what gamers can expect from Stellar Wars when it arrives on the App Store later this year:

Stellar Wars is a cross between classic 2d side scrolling space shooter and the castle defense RTS-RPG that the Wars series is known for. Take command of an abandoned space ship as the last remaining Liv Bot from a civilization forgotten by time. After 100000 years the Liv Bot is mysteriously awakened by the promise of life in a new solar system. But our Liv Bot quickly finds out that not all alien races are as friendly as his creators…

The folks at Touch Arcade caught up with Orian Livnat and the rest of the Liv Games crew at GDC, where they shot this tantalizing hands-on footage of Stellar Wars:

Source(s): Touch Arcade, Facebook