Live Rally Manager official artwork depicting two cars racing on a sandy track.

Forget Forza Motorsport – Live Rally Manager is Out Now on iOS

Xagu Studios, the team behind the Live Cycling Manager series, has a treat in store for Forza Motorsport fans this week. Its new venture, Live Rally Manager, is a complete racing management sim that has just launched worldwide on the App Store.

What is Live Rally Manager?

Live Rally Manager is the ultimate racing management game, where you create the club of your dreams and manage each and every aspect of it. You build your team from the ground up, designing your very own team logo. You then compete against thousands of players from all over the world to reach the top of the ladder.

The free flowing gameplay lets you to control all aspects, including training drivers, hiring staff, and managing finances to customising or buying new cars and investigating them to level up further.

How About the Gameplay?

Well, when you’re not handling management behind the scenes, you can immerse yourself in races in a 3D environment.

Your goal is to rank among the top five teams in your league and promote them to the top where you will compete against the best drivers.

What’s in the First Season?

The current season is features a five-race rally every day in diverse levels featuring challenging weather effects. You can buy better cars as you move up the division and research improvements in car components to achieve optimal results in races.

The game also offer chances to manage every detail of a professional race team including the option to negotiate with the best sponsors for your team and generate greater income for each race.

Download Size and Device Specifications

It is a free-to-play title with in-app purchases for token packs varying from $2.99 to $8.99. The game is around 2 GB to download, and works on iPhones running iOS 11.0 or later.

Should I Get Live Rally Manager?

Are you tired of automatic soccer, football, and F1 management games? Do you like games with online world scoreboards? Then, this one is for you!

It’s a fresh racing game where you can manage your drivers to win each stage and train your drivers to improve their racing skills. Get ready to become a motorsport legend!

Where to Download?

If you like racing and manager games, experience the thrill of a rally race and sports management by downloading the game from the App Store right now.