‘Logic Puzzles Daily’ Review: Are You up for a Real Challenge?

Some folks love to kill time with a nice puzzle or two, maybe a cute little strategy game to get their brains working. If a walk in the park is what you are looking for, Logic Puzzles Daily (out now, free) may not be for you as this app is only for the most serious puzzle players out there. This game is definitely not for the feeble-minded as it tests your logical reasoning and skills of deduction, so if you feel you have conquered all the puzzle apps out there, behold as one more challenger emerges worthy of your skill and time.

screen480x480-225x300Throughout the app, you will be playing against the Logic Professor who will be your competition, your guide and your mentor all at the same time. He will be the one posting your daily missions so you can play detective and solve the puzzle of the day. Before jumping in, check out his quick tutorial and when you are stuck on a clue, he gives a helping hand through helpful hints. You will love how nutty the Logic Professor looks!

A new puzzle gets delivered to you daily with themes as mundane as Job Interviews and Botany Classes to the more curious one surrounding Stolen Properties, Union Strikes and Music Stars. This ensures you don’t run out of challenges and will keep you looking forward to a mind-boggling activity everyday. Aside from this, the app also offers puzzle packs — Freshman Pack, Sophomore Pack, Senior Pack, and Bonus Puzzle Packs. If you become so brilliant you graduate from all these, you can step up and take you prowess to the next level by acquiring the Archimedes and Einstein Packs.

Logic Puzzles Daily houses a large library of free brain teasers and given that even the “easy” Freshman Pack can cause brain freeze to some, Logic Puzzles Daily is something brilliant minds will surely come to enjoy. If the free stuff will not suffice, you have the option to purchase more to continue competing with the Logic Professor and beat his records. Other features include auto X feature, multi-level undo, error checker, hints to help you get back if you get stuck on a level, Game Center leaderboards, and iCloud sync to save your progress across your devices.


Logic Puzzles Daily is a challenging and fun game. The puzzles range from easy to hard, so you can keep the brain juices flowing. It’s easy to pick up and play. You can enjoy hundreds of free grid puzzles daily to challenge you to your limits!

Challenging and fun to play
I'm not a big fan of in-app purchases. You either get the app free or pay for it.