Lonely Few Set to Serve Gamers More Brainsss

Back in May the Lonely Few had us going “nom nom nom” at the prospect of commanding zombie hordes in the quest for brains. Their freshman game earned a lofty score thanks to its dual appeal — it’s casually accessible but also of great interest to RTS fans for its focus on strategic real-time maneuver. Sure, Brainsss could have used a little touching up in the camera control department, but a team who pulled off such a smooth first landing would be well justified in resting on their laurels and moving to the next title.

That just isn’t how the Lonely Few do things, as their zombie hordes have marched into our inbox with news of a grand content update! The additions were noticeable immediately in a preview build. For starters, Brainsss’ updated campaign can be played in “Casual” or “Strategy” mode; the latter plays much the same way Brainsss veterans have come to know and love, while the former removes squad and camera management responsibilities for players who would prefer a simpler mode of play. We’re also excited to see that the player can now pinch zoom to reveal more of the battlefield — even to the point of gaining a bird’s-eye view of the action. That’s a big help in larger levels where it was difficult to keep track of all your rampaging zombies in the release version.

The Brainsss update doesn’t end there. Now players have more to do with their performance stars than unlock levels: you can trade them in for kooky “Hero” zombies and assign one of these to lead your horde, granting speed and power bonuses. Brainsss’ in-game currency, used to apply power-ups to specific levels, flows more readily now — and that’s a good thing considering there are an extra 15 levels to spread those Brainsss Bucks over! This is all in addition to load time optimization and general interface improvements.

The update has been approved and will be hitting the App Store on Thursday, August 30th with a $0.99 sale to boot. Be sure to keep an eye on the Lonely Few’s Facebook page and Twitter account for all the latest, and here’s some preview footage of the new content in action: