Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin – Release Date, Pre-Register & More

EYOUGAME’s Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin is an upcoming MMORPG title for Android and iOS devices. The game allows players to dive into the fantasy world where they need to save mankind from the rage of monsters and demons. Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin puts you in the shoes of a protagonist who is the last hope for mankind.

Speaking of the actual gameplay, Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin comes packed with a range of modes. It includes multiplayer battles, epic and spectacular national wars, bosses full of myths and legends, and more. If it sounds intriguing, keep reading this article to learn more about the game.

What is the release date of Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin?

Unfortunately, the official release date of Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin hasn’t been announced yet. However, the game’s website is live now, giving a sneak peek of what’s inside the MMORPG title.

How to Pre-Register for Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin?

Pre-Registration rewards for Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image source: EYOUGAME

Pre-registration for Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin is open now on the official site. Apart from this, players can also use the following links for pre-registration:

Pre-Registration Rewards

As of writing this article, the game has garnered over 1000 pre-registrations across all the platforms. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Pre-registering for the game will reward eager fans with milestone rewards when certain sign-ups are reached.

  • 10,000 players: 1x Lv. 3 Red Gem, 10x Wings Advance Orb, 10x Mount Advance Orb, 20x Enhance Gem
  • 30,000 players: 1x Lv. 3 Yellow Gem, 1x Adv, Bracelet Essence, 1x Adv, Kylin Arm Essence, 20x Gold
  • 50,000 players: 1x Travel Bride-Weapon, 1x Lv. 3 Blue Gem, 3x Escort Order, 1x 9 Roses
  • 80,000 players: 1x Lv. 3 Vajra Gem, 1x Golphoenix Quill, 10x Armor Set Gem, 3x Hunt Orca Tix
  • 100,000 players: 1x Travel Bride-Shirt, 1x Lv.3 Sharp Gem, 1x Tiger Chakra, 2x 50K Sycee Box

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Characters List

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Characters List
Image source: EYOUGAME

The developers have revealed seven characters so far, and here’s a list for the same:


The warrior who uses claymore as a weapon. He is both fearsome and formidable with his mastery of swordplay, striking, and combat. The tough will of this man allows him to charge bravely even in the face of powerful enemies. His superb swordplay is 2 double-edged sword that can kill and
bless millions of people.


Aside from subduing and killing demons, the exorcism pole he holds can also protect living beings from harm. Monk is skilled at using harsh attacks and causing massive damage to the enemy. Although the monk has a compassionate heart, even Buddha has anger.


She is an agile assassin who wears a dark cover, a companion of shadow. With a dual ring as a weapon, she can often find an enemy’s weaknesses, giving them a fatal blow in the dark. With the high damage stats of this weapon, Pragmatic can kill even those with the best defensive skills in a short time.


With Blunderbuss on hand, thousands of ghosts are subdued instantly. Kali is adept at suppressing the enemy with powerful firepower so that the enemy has nowhere and is unable to hide.

Great Sage

A combat genius who uses the Ruyi Stick as a weapon, besides having the advantage in attack and defense, he is also adept at making enemies incapable of fighting by employing the method of Sanctity Shadowless.


With the appearance of a human body with a snake tail, she holds a staff and has a heart for the living. As a descendant of Nuwa, she perfectly inherited the five elements of Nuwa’s lineage but is most adept at ice spells.


Lolita, who wears the red hood all the time, is a violent character who uses a bow and arrow to attack her enemies. Bow and arrow skills are unparalleled, and no one can beat them. Seemingly aimless arrows are actually intertwined with a deadly strategy.

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin APK Download Link

The best and safest way to download any game is via the official sources: Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Nevertheless, if you want to sideload the game on your smartphone, we’ll update this guide with the game’s APK download link once it officially releases.

That’s everything you need to know about Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin. Make sure you check out other guides and walkthroughs for other games at iFanZine.