The image shows Zayne facing to the left wearing his lab coat over a black turtleneck. He has his hand raised near his head holding a floating blue ice crystal

Love and Deepspace Memory Cards Tier List

Which memories are most memorable? Our Love and Deepspace Memory Cards tier list covers each of the memory cards and ranks them!

Love and Deepspace is a stunning 3D Otome game where you connect with one of three men. Regardless of your suiter, you’re in for a surprise as you learn more about them through immersive cut scenes and virtual dates. When you’re not gushing over the perfect man, you both team up in intense sci-fi battles against the raining horrors from space.

You can check out Love and Deepspace over on the App Store. We also have a Love and Deepspace Weapon Tier List.

Love and Deepspace Memory Cards Tier List

Don’t forget our tier lists are subjective. We try to build our tiers to be as unbiased as possible. We use personal experience, player feedback and external sources to help craft them. That said though, you still may not agree with our suggestions and that is OK! We hope that our tier list was helpful a little bit though.


These are your most cherished memory cards! If you have access to these be sure to use them, after you’re done admiring the card art that is.

  • Blossoms – Rafayel
  • Radiant Halo – Rafayel
  • Tranquil Moment – Zayne
  • Shimmering Sunlight – Xavier


Good, but not the best. These cards are great alternatives if you haven’t pulled any from the S-Tier pile.

  • Precious Bonfire – Xavier
  • Dreams Within Reach – Xavier
  • Garden of Secrets – Xavier
  • Entwined – Rafayel
  • Fragmented Dreams – Zayne


Average memory cards with average capabilities!

  • Myths – Rafayel
  • Oceanside Exchange – Rafayel
  • A Break – Xavier
  • Good Morning – Xavier
  • Lost In Thought – Zayne
  • Watcha Doing – Rafayel


Onto the weaker tiers, these cards have lovely art but aren’t too versatile or capable.

  • About To Hit A Ball – Xavier
  • Gaze – Xavier
  • Waiting – Zayne
  • Checkup – Zayne
  • Perfect Smile – Rafayel


Some memories are best forgotten, including those in this tier.

  • Blade – Xavier
  • Reflection – Xavier
  • Heart-to-Heart – Xavier
  • Not Angry – Rafayel
  • Recall – Xavier
  • Little World – Zayne
  • Listen – Xavier