Love and Deepspace poster with the three male characters that you can partner with

Love and Deepspace Schedules Its Global CBT for December 15

Husbando ARPG “Love and Deepspace” by Chinese developer Paper Games has its global CBT scheduled for December 15. The makers announced in a recent tweet that 10 lucky players would win prized character badges on December 13.

This action RPG is an interesting otome game that tested several beta versions in China this year. It combines portrait mode with landscape to bring players a unique gaming experience. The game employs a realistic 3D style that is very similar to Shining Nikki, another otome game by the same developers.

About Love and Deepspace

The setting of Love and Deepspace is pretty unusual for any Otome game. The story is set in the future and revolves around space exploration. It introduces players to a new sci-fi world filled with rich narratives, creative combat techniques, and of course pretty men. As always, this otome game too features only female protagonists, and you can customize yours to your liking.

In the game, you embark on an exciting journey with your chosen partner. After fighting off evil wanderers in deep space, you get to know your new friend and work on your relationship with him. You can cultivate relationships with one, two, or all three of the lovely guys on offer. Choose from the deepspace hunter Xavier, the heart surgeon Zayne, or the talented artist Rafayel.

Personalized User Experience

Love and Deepspace offers immersive gameplay and an in-depth character creator. You can scan a photo of yourself with the help of Paper Games’ 3D rendering tech and construct your likeness in the game.

This game is the latest entry into the Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice series. The makers are yet to announce a formal release though Appstore lists the expected date as February 29, 2024.

A few weeks ago, the developers announced an e-mail pre-registration on the game’s official website over its Discord server. They said registrations had passed the 5 million mark and rewards had already been distributed. They also promised to unlock the avatar frame once 8 million users had registered.

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