featured image for our news on Love Island: The Game. It features the cover of the latest season Tempting fate. We can see several contestants sitting on a couch in swimwear.

Tempting Fate, The Eighth Season Of Love Island: The Game Hits The Scene!

The latest chapter (season) of Love Island: The Game is out now. Called Tempting Fate, you can look out for new features, challenges and characters. This is the eighth season of the game that dropped on February 14 (right on Valentine’s Day!) and will run until April 24, 2024.

What’s Tempting Fate About?

In this new season of Love Island: The Game, you can jump into the Love Villa and start making connections with the other islanders by making smart choices. You’ll meet 18 interesting characters (including the character you play). Depending on what choices you make, they could become your besties, your enemies or maybe even your crushes.

Fusebox Games have teamed up with ITV to keep the Love Island vibes flowing. They’re launching Tempting Fate just as ITV kicks off their latest Love Island series, Love Island All Stars. So, while you’re watching the drama on TV, you can dive into the villa life yourself and create your own drama with your choices.

Ever Played Love On The Island?

Developed and published by Fusebox Games, the first version of the interactive fiction role-playing game was dropped in July 2018 as Love Villa. The second version, Love Island: The Game, was dropped in January 2022, with a few tweaks and upgrades. It’s free to play.

In the game, you create your own character and enter the villa. Just like the reality show, once inside, you meet different contestants and spend time with them doing various tasks. Then, you find that special someone who ticks all your boxes, regardless of gender. If you are yet to try the game out, head to the App Store and grab the game!

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