Featured Image for Love Live! School Idol Festival 2: Miracle Live!

More Time To Prep As Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 Delayed Till Next Year

Not a great news for aspiring gaming idols. The global version of Love Live! School Idol Festival 2: Miracle Live! has pushed back its launch. Initially slated to release in December, the game will now land globally on iOS and Android in February 2024.

School Idol Festival 2: Miracle Live!

The mobile rhythm game lets you don your singing hat and become the pop idol you dream to be! The game was released in Japan earlier this year. Miracle Live is the sequel to the original Love Live School Idol Festival. Unfortunately, the latter shut down for players a few months ago.

The RPG rhythm game lets you grab idols for the School Idol Festival. You get to pick cards and interact with the idols in the game. You can grab idols from Liella! and Superstars! as well as their songs. The game will also feature all the girls from the μ’s, Aqours and Nijigasaki School Idol Club.

You’ll get five note judgements Perfect, Great, Good, Bad, and Miss. Each idol also gets three different attributes Smile, Pure and Cool with the songs aligned to one of these three attributes. The rad part is that all the songs from the Love Live! series will be playable in Miracle Live! Check out the official website of the game for more details and take a peek at the trailer of the game below.

What’s Love Live!?

Love Live! is an anime series that takes place at Otonokizaka High School. The story revolves around music and teen idols. The eccentric second-year student Honoka Kosaka comes up with an idea to use their sweet voices and stop the school from shutting down.

So, she and her friends embark on a musical journey, idol-ising and creating the School Idol Project to get their school all the right attention. Until the game hits the App Store, check out our latest story on the Christmas updates of Merge Mansion.