The image shows one of the male characters leaning on his fist with a telescope next to him. I'm guessing he is the looks-at-the-stars type. He's wearing a brown smart jacket with a white coat loosely draped over his shoulders

Lovebrush Chronicles Tier List

If you’re after a Lovebrush Chronicles tier list then you are in the right place! In anticipation for the release of this game we have created a tier list for the unexpected combat section of this otherwise romantic tale.

Lovebrush Chronicles is an interactive love story where you are a student of the fine arts. This romantic adventure is set in a parallel universe! Traverse the realms to find your one true love in this Mystic Messenger style game. Choose your path and claim your love interest!

You can check out Lovebrush Chronicles over on the App Store! Or, if you fancy sticking around why not check out some of our other tiers such as Wriothesley Tier List.

Lovebrush Chronicles Tier List

Don’t forget tiers are entirely subjective! Our personal rankings may not be ones that you agree with. But we do hope you find our tier list useful regardless! We build our tiers off personal experience, feedback, and external sources.


Though it may seem unexpected in this romantic game, there are elements of combat! These cards are OP and great to place on the battlefield.

  • Ayn


These cards are good alternatives if you don’t have any S-Tiers available. They’re still versatile and strong, so don’t underestimate them!

  • Alkaid
  • Cael (or Emerald)


Our average, all tier lists need them! These cards are okay, but not the best.

  • Clarence


These cards may have some niche uses but overall aren’t worth keeping long-term

  • Lars Rorschach


We don’t recommend these cards at all, but perhaps you like them?

  • There’s no one here! At least all the banner characters are good!

When We Update Our Tiers

We will update our tiers as more characters are introduced in updates which changes the power scaling currently in game. We aim to keep this list as fresh as possible with all the recent characters you can add to your roster.