Whatever Happened to ‘Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For’?

So perhaps you remember way back in February 2015 when we covered the Kickstarter for Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For, a fundraiser where — contrary to industry norms — the iOS version was actually the base goal (with the PC version being just a stretch-goal). Perhaps you even remember how a year later the PC version launched on Steam, and yet — more than half a year after that — we’re still waiting for the originally promised iOS edition of M-Vizlab’s AI-centric Visual Novel. The good news is that M-Vizlab has recently confirmed the original version hasn’t yet been forgotten, and the better news is they’ve even given a full explanation for the delays (an act which is often itself a rarity).

Apparently — for personal reasons they aren’t at liberty to divulge — their original mobile developer had to leave shortly after Lucy’s launch on Steam, at which point M-Vizlab found themselves with a half finished mobile-version. Up until this point they assumed there’d be plenty of time to finish the mobile-version after the PC edition’s debut, and — as  complications continued to pile up — decided to get the easier PC-version shipped first. The grave problem they quickly discovered was that — although certainly working — their half-finished iOS version featured a dire dilemma: no one seemed to understand the previous developer’s code work, meaning none were truly capable of finishing it either.

As such M-Vizlab had no choice but to start development on the iOS port all over again from scratch, this time hiring a programmer specializing in Unity development (the original version was not being designed with Unity). As such this unfortunately raised their over-all cost of development, with the difference thankfully being covered by the proceeds coming from Lucy’s previously published Steam edition. The consequence — or perhaps boon — of this coding restart is that now Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For will also becoming to Android devices as well, all thanks to Unity’s known ease of porting!