Help Kickstart a New English Language Remake of ‘Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For’


M-Vizlab — a team of Korean developers — has recently declared an intent to bring their well received Visual Novel, Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For, to English speakers everywhere via the mobile marketplace. The game features a high school student — otherwise repugnant towards the emotionless automatons used excessively by society — whom one day finds an abandoned android in a junkyard, yet one that shows emotions. From there he’ll have to make many decisions — often involving moral dilemmas — regarding what to do with the curious android he found, as well as the reactions that she begins eliciting from those around him.

For those not familiar with the genre, Visual Novels are sort of like Choose Your Own Adventure books — except far more complex — coupled with the benefit of visuals and audio. Speaking of visuals, M-Vizlab intends for their upcoming version of Lucy to feature imagery that — when compared to the 2010 original — is far more polished (which includes having actually drawn backgrounds this time around, rather than photographs). The only problem currently hampering these plans is their less-than-ideal aptitude with English, meaning that — in order to present the best experience possible — they would have to hire a professional translator for Lucy’s international release.

542a9ef3356c2151dbf4a9a1b715dce3_largeIt is for this reason that M-Vizlab recently launched a Kickstarter seeking to raise the $6,000 (CAD) needed for them to hire — and collaborate with — a translator capable of producing a naturally flowing English version of Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For. Serving as a testament to just how well the original 2010 Korean edition was received, this new Kickstarter has already — with a whopping 20 days still remaining — secured more than the entire amount requested. This means it’s looking extremely likely that all of Lucy’s stretch goals will be achieved, which include: extra languages, the reinstatement of scenarios originally cut due to budgetary issues, and even a PC port of the new edition.

Should you now be interested in seeing M-Vizlab’s tale for yourself, you can currently secure a launch day copy for just $10 (you may even choose to have the PC version instead of iOS, but only if the relevant stretch goal is reached). Meanwhile, those whom donate further can additionally receive: production art books, and an exclusive never-before-seen side story starring Lucy, custom artwork of game characters, and much more! Finally — for those whom happen to have an extra $1,000 on hand — you can even have yourself appear as a customized NPC in the finished remake, meaning that everyone else will have to bump into you at some point.

However — even though Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For is nearly in the bag at this point — those interested in helping out M-Vizlab must be sure to chip in their donations before March 6th arrives, as that’s when this fundraiser will be going forever offline.