Lumen is the Latest Game to Land on Apple Arcade

Lumen is the newest title to come out for Apple Arcade. It’s a light-manipulating puzzler that sees you guiding a beam of yellow glow from A to B. You need to move mirrors, twists lenses and much more if you want to succeed.

Everything is controlled with taps. Tap an object on the box-based game board and it’ll twist clockwise. You’re trying to get everything pointing in the right direction to light up a screen – do that and you’ll move on to the next puzzle.

There are some twists here as well. Lightbulbs around the level work as a star-rating system. You can finish the challenge without the light beam passing through them all, but you won’t truly complete it unless the bulbs are all illuminated.

The story here revolves around the hidden creations of a female inventor, and while there are some shades of The Room series in the aesthetic, everything is much lighter here. That wasn’t a pun. Well, it was, but it wasn’t an intentional one.

Lumen is available to download from the App Store right now, and you can do it by clicking here. You will need an Apple Arcade subscription to play the game, but as we keep saying, you should definitely have one of those already.