M.U.S.E. Gets a Massive Update

As I’m sure you’ll remember, Ayopa Games and Lab Rats Studio’s ambitious third-person cover shooter M.U.S.E. released in December and notched up a decidedly mixed critical reception. The general consensus was that while M.U.S.E. was a more than passable entry in the growing slate of new 3D shooters on iOS, a handful of niggling flaws kept this one from tapping into its full potential.

To wit, when we reviewed the game, on one hand we were mightily impressed by its increasingly complex environments, intelligent enemies, and, of course, all the pretty explosions, while on the other, a woefully wonky targeting system and stability issues on iPod Touch 4 gave us cause for concern.

The good news is that it would seem the folks at Lab Rats have been listening closely to the iOS gaming community and today’s 1.1 update reflects this hardworking indie studio’s continued desire to transform their Unity-powered actioner into the best game it can possibly be. This just-launched update to M.U.S.E. comes packing several new improvements and enhancements. The most notable of which are:

*Customizable controls, allowing players to move the buttons around the screen to suit their playing needs

*Improved performance across the board, but especially for older generation devices

*Better balanced level difficulty

*Both auto-aim and sensitivity improved for more hardcore gamers

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