Mad O Ball 3D Just Gets Better & Better…

One of iFanzine’s all time favorite games, Breakdown Studios’ marble rolling masterpiece Mad ‘O’ Ball 3D has just gotten a hugely impressive new update. From our full review: “Pitch-perfect physics, pretty scenery and a dizzying sense of speed and vertigo make Mad ‘O’ Ball a terrifically enjoyable roll ‘em up; once you’ve got the hang of the tentative tilting mechanic there’s hours and hours of fun to had.”

What’s New:

  • The bug showing the white blocking screen has been fixed thanks to OpenFeint updated to the latest version.
  • Jump system renewed: jump buttons DELETED. Now you can jump by touching anywhere the screen
  • New collisions system for the backgrounds in all the 32 levels gives a better feeling when falling off the track
  • Now you can see the “target time” when you have just lost the race or when in pause.
  • Danger warnings have been positioned better in some levels.
  • A bug with a specific menu mechanism has been fixed.
  • Other minor fixes

You can read our full review of Mad ‘O’ Ball here, and check out an exclusive interview with the guys from Breakdown Studios here. Oh, and don’t forget to try your hand at our excellent Beat The Mad ‘O’ Ball 3D Devs Challenge! The game is available right now from the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.