Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

AFK Arena-Style Game Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG Drops On January 10

Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG is an idle RPG that’s set to drop tomorrow (January 10) on iOS devices. Published by Magic Network, it’s free to play and has a gacha mechanism. Keep reading as we give you a quick lowdown on the game and its features.

Four Races With Unique Traits

The highlight of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG is its four different races Empire Alliance, Beastkin Tribe, Sylvan Clan and Nether Legion. The Empire Alliance has the best heroes like Julius Caesar. He’s all about exceptional agility with killer sword skills as a melee hero in the High-Frequency class.

The second race, the Beastkin Tribe, are known for their courage and unlimited strength. They have heroes like Serqet, the Queen of Scorpions who is a part of the AOE DMG Bursts class. She’s a ranged hero with supreme intelligence and can cause massive damage to her foes.

The Sylvan Clan consists of all the beauties with brains. They are smart and pretty. Hathaway, the Dream Hunter, is the go-to High-Frequency ranged hero in this clan. She’s also a ranged hero just like Serqet. Last but not least, the Nether Legion is the bewildering race. They have heroes like Hecate, the Nethermoon Goddess of witchcraft. Hecate is a ranged hero of the AOE DMG Burst class.

An Active Guild For Noobs

In Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG, you move through stages, collecting shards and fusing to higher ranks. You can join its community to trade tips and advice with fellow Magic Chronicle players. Plus, you get to unlock perks and rewards through guild activities. So, keep an eye out on their Discord community and Facebook page. If the game sounds fun, check it out on the App Store and download it when it’s available tomorrow!

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