Magic: ManaStrike, the Clash Royale-like Real-time Strategy, is Out Now on iOS

Netmarble has just released Magic: ManaStrike, its first foray into the Magic: The Gathering universe. This isn’t a TCG this time around though – it’s a Clash Royale-like strategy game.

Magic: ManaStrike sees you choose your favourite Planeswalker, with different options based on the five colours of Mana. These include White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green.

Magic: ManaStrike is Like Clash Royale in the Magic Universe

You’ll then build a deck of cards, which are made up of heroes, troops, and spells, and head on out into battle against opponents in real times.

Much like in Clash Royale, you’ll play cards on the battlefield to attack your opponent’s towers, which are hero units in this version. Destroy the central tower and you win the game.

Your opponent is going to try and trip you up though, so you’ll want to try and counter their attacks too. This is where your deck building skills come into play, as you’ll want a deck that’s as good at defending as it is attacking.

So why not head on over to the App Store right now and grab Magic: ManaStrike to get started on building that awesome deck.