Magical Farming Adventure Wylde Flowers Out Now on Apple Arcade

Another week, another new game for anyone with an Apple Arcade subscription to play. This time round it’s a game about farming, magic and making friends. It’s called Wylde Flowers and it looks more than adorable enough to give it a go.

The game sees you playing as Tara, who arrives at a lovely little island to help out her grandmother with the family farm. Turns out it’s a magical island and you’ll end up as part of a coven trying to unravel a mystery. And growing stuff, too.

There’s a big cast of fully-voiced and diverse characters to meet, You’ll make new friends and maybe even spark a bit of romance. Here’s a trailer that shows off what the game’s all about. Enjoy it with your eyes and ears.

You’ll get a wand and a broomstick as you progress, and you’ll need to keep an eye on your crops as well. Then you can turn your fruit and veg into lovely recipes to sell on. Which all sounds like a little slice of heaven.

You can click here to download Wylde Flowers from the App Store right now. As we mentioned, you’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to check it out. But we reckon this one might just melt your heart ever-so-slightly.