Magicami poster with a blueish hue featuring one of the magical girls staring at her reflection

I Am Magicami Announces End of Service for Its Global Server From January 29th

In a recent announcement, the makers of MGCM Magical Girls announced an end of service for their global servers later this month. I Am Magicami is available to play till January 29th, 2024, but in-app paid items are no longer going to be available from January 9th, 2024.

While notifying players, Digital Entertainment urged them to use up all their purchased items by the time services are terminated. They cautioned that they would not accept requests for refunds or credits for things that have already been bought.

The Not So Magical Magicami End Of Service

I am Magicami, also known as MGCM Magical Girls, is a maiden-themed Gacha RPG on mobile. It was originally made in Japanese for a September 2020 release. This turn-based action game is still available in English and Traditional Chinese on Nutaku and Johren. In the game, players manage a team of magical girls in an attempt to drive out darkness and defeat demons.

I am Magicami’s surreal universe features supernatural themes and elements. With 12 magical girls, 5 risque demons, and 3 special characters, there is quite a bit to explore in this otherworldly title. What makes MGCM Magical Girls different from similar mobile games is the variation of its characters’ appearances and outfits. Their personalities, however, remain almost identical.

Services on Magicami’s Japanese server ended on October 31st last year. Nobody anticipated the sudden termination of the game’s global server. This is because the developers had staged a massively successful funding project for an offline version. Not only did they reach their target, they even exceeded their goals in a matter of days, facing little to no challenges.

There are no plans or information as yet regarding the offline version going global. For more timely updates on the most recent iOS games, you can read some of our other news. Warhammer 40000: Tacticus’ January Update Introduces New Champion & Events