Magnetic Puzzle Platformer Teslagrad On Sale for 99c

Teslagrad is one of those games that we’re going to keep recommending until everyone has bought it. It’s just that good. And right now you can pick it up from the App Store for less than a buck. That’s a ridiculous price for one of the best puzzle platformers on any device.

The game sees you using magnetism and other electromagnetic forces to solve tricky puzzles. There’s jumping too, but your brain is going to get at least as much of a workout as your fingers with this one. That’s never a bad thing.

You’ll be tackling increasingly tough challenges with an ever-growing array of different powers. There are some old-school boss fights thrown in for good measure as well. Here’s a trailer for your eyes.

The game supports MFi controllers, and it tells its story without any words, which is a cool way to tell a story. Oh, and it looks gorgeous too. Teslagrad is the complete package, which is probably why it’s been downloaded, played and loved by so many people already.

If you want to take advantage of this sale, you can click here to download Teslagrad from the App Store for just 99c. And if you haven’t worked it out yet, we think that you should definitely do that.