Make the Holidays a bit Creepier With the new Christmas Levels coming to Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. There’s an explosion at our pumpkin farm, we end up covered in supernatural goop and have to leap around a series of haunted towers to try and escape from a nightmare world. Okay, it probably hasn’t happened to that many of us, but that’s the premise behind spooky platformer Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream.

To celebrate the festive season, the game is getting a new update. It’s set to bring a whole swathe of Christmas-themed levels to the experience, as well as adding a few new tweaks that are guaranteed to make the comedy-horror jumping even funnier, spookier and more entertaining. 

The game sees you trying to reach the top of a series of towers. You run left and right automatically, bouncing off the walls. It’s up to you to tap to jump at the perfect time. You’ll need to avoid spikes, angry ghosts, axes and more. And then there are the skulls.

Each level has a set number of these floating gold tokens. Grabbing them all is a super-tough challenge, but it adds to the longevity of the game. Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream is a slick, well thought out game that’s going to have you coming back for more time and time again. 

Alongside the Christmas levels, the new update improves level progression and decreases the frequency of the in-game interstitial ads. On top of that there’s a new Super Spire challenge that’s going to test your reaction times and no mistake.

You can download Pumpkinbutt’s Halloween Dream from the App Store and the Google Play Store right this second. It won’t cost you anything to download and the only IAP is one to get rid of the interstitial and after death ads. If you’re looking for something to spook up your holiday season, then we reckon this is the perfect game for you.