‘Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art’ Review: Almost Perfect

I love stained glass. While Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art (out now, free) doesn’t quite offer the same beauty of stained glass since the artwork can’t duplicate the translucency, the graphics are gorgeous. All the pictures are the work of artist Mandie Manzano.

The main limitation of jigsaw puzzle games is screen size. Luckily, Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art helps overcome this with good zooming and piece placement options. Lots of things are customizable. You can select as few as 12 pieces per puzzle or up it to 2000. Piece rotation is also an optional setting. Anyone can thus play, from young children to seasoned adults.

mandie-manzano-jigsaw-puzzle-art-screenshot-9When you first start a puzzle, the pieces will be scattered at the sides, and you can move them around as you please. If you’ve toggled piece rotation, all you need to do to turn a piece is tap on it. Everything is zoomable and movable, even the image of the overall artwork (viewable by tapping an eye icon), which makes it easy to shift things to the most convenient location.

The music is lovely too, although I feel it’s slightly too fast for what ought to be a leisurely game. You can, however, also listen to your own music.

Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art offers a pack of 12 puzzles free, with four more packs available for download at $0.99 each or $2.99 for all four. Every puzzle can be played for an unlimited number of times, and you can beat your previous high score by increasing the difficulty level (i.e. increasing the number of pieces and/or turning rotation on). All in, this is close to puzzle perfection. My only wish while playing was that more puzzles were available for free download, but this is certainly not a complaint!


Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art is a must try for those who enjoy jigsaw puzzles, especially if you also love stained glass. With the great customizable options, anyone from kids to adults can play.

Customizable number of pieces
Optional piece rotation
Very zoomable
Beautiful art
Music is slightly too fast for a leisurely puzzle game